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IPL Photofacial Aurora, CO

When it comes to attaining youthful and glowing skin, things might seem a bit exhausting, but they are quite simple. Yes, you read that right. At Advanced Laser & Aesthetics, we have Intense Pulsed Light IPL, to help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

What is IPL Photofacial?

IPL photo facial improves the color and texture of skin without surgery. It attempts to vanish some of the skin issues like photoaging. Photo facial treatments assure a spotless skin tone that builds up your confidence.

This Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one such treatment that can be beneficial in treating several kinds of skin conditions. The list includes photo-aging signs, imperfections of the facial skin, small veins, birthmarks, and several other flaws. Our professional and ingenious team of dermatologists and IPL photofacial experts can use this non-invasive treatment as per your specific requirements and skin type.

Through this process of Photorejuvenation, we intend to provide the utmost satisfactory results and a glowing and more revitalized skin to our clients.

The procedure for Photofacial Treatment in Denver, CO

To begin the photofacial treatment procedure, we apply cold gel to the area that needs to be treated. To protect your eyes from glowing light, we put an eye mask. And then, the IPL handpiece’s smooth glass is applied on the skin surface to allow light pulses to penetrate through your skin. You may feel stinging sensation; however, it will be very minimal. Photofacial treatments that are done in the series of 4 to 6 sessions provide good results; hence, they are recommended.

Reasons to Undergo Photofacial Treatment in Aurora, CO

Here, at our clinic, we use extremely advanced and progressive technology to eradicate the sun damage effects and enhance the skin appearance. The laser machine that we utilize entails high-powered light beams that infiltrates the skin surface to diminish different kinds of flaws. With minimized discomfort, we provide even-toned skin, the smaller size of pores, radiant complexion, rejuvenated appearance, and smoother skin. The IPL photorejuvenation technique is proving to be a boon for many.

Photofacial treatment Aurora in addition to photofacial treatment Denver are the ultimate two spots for a quick professional skin care treatment.

Advantages of IPL Photofacial in Denver, CO

IPL Photofacial treatments are one of the best skin care techniques used nowadays. The IPL photorejuvenation treatment is a must for an impeccable skin and proves advantageous due to:

  • Less discomfort throughout the treatment
  • Treatment on legs, arms, hands, chest, neck, and face
  • Less risk of infection or scarring
  • Easy and quick sessions of treatment
  • No downtime
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We take pride in offering quality treatments at an affordable price. Each client is very important at Advanced Laser & Aesthetics Inc. That's why we take the time to find the best skin care solution for the client's skin health.


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