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If there is one simple way that can heal all the skin problems altogether and provide a revitalized skin, it would be a magic, isn’t it? Well, microdermabrasion seems quite like that. Being one of the non-invasive and straight-forward procedures, it helps you invigorating the dull skin, reducing big pores, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, erasing acne scars, decreasing age spots, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and more. Amazing, isn’t it?
Here, at Advanced Laser & Aesthetics, we use the Diamond Peel Microderm to help you attain the skin of your dreams. This type of peel effortlessly exfoliates your skin and the suction is helpful in eliminating the dead skin cells.
And then, we remove the old surface, leaving behind rejuvenated, fresh and smooth skin. Not just that, but this treatment is even beneficial in promoting the growth of new cells to keep your skin fresh looking. All within measured and harmless manner, the Diamond Peel exterminates epidermal layers at different depths, resulting in even healing.


Mechanical peeling process - exfoliation of skin.
Abrasive and a clinical procedure.
Fashionable Treatment.
Crystal, diamond and color therapy.
Only removes the very top layer of Epidermis.
Different settings and techniques for skin types, treatment areas and client needs.


After the treatment, it is less likely for new pre-cancerous abrasions to appear. But, if you have been fighting from broken capillaries, then microdermabrasion may not be a right choice. Generally, humans renew their skin cells every 28 days. However, either because of age or poor health, this renewal might become slower than usual.
Consistent Diamond Peel enhance several skin imperfections and conditions and can create a balanced and healthy skin surface.
Here, at our clinic, we use advanced technology collective with skilled physicians and international experts of skin care to make microdermabrasion treatment in Denver, CO one of the most considerable options.
To attain the best results and real control, based on your skin condition, it is recommended to undergo a series of this treatment. And then, with regular maintenance and periodic visits will enhance the look of your skin for years to come.



Mostly like microdermabrasion in results, DiamondTome is used to provide resurfacing of the skin. However, unlike the former, the latter does not provide any side-effects, such as skin irritation or reaction and lose particles. In contrast with the microdermabrasion treatment, this one does not utilize loose abrasives or crystal streams to infect either the environment or your skin. And the result is always a beaming glow and irritation-free skin.
There are several advantages of DiamondTome procedure, such as:

  • Innovative skin rejuvenation approach
  • Alternative for men & women to eliminate dead skin cells
  • Silky, healthy, and smoother skin
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