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Microneedle with RF Treatment Aurora, CO

Your skin texture determines your health condition, and what's more critical is healthy-looking fresh skin that builds confidence within you.

What if we say you can get rid of wrinkles, drooping, and dull skin within minutes? Will you believe it?

Yes, Microneedle with Radiofrequency (RF) is an advanced technology that rejuvenates your skin and refines your skin texture.

Microneedle with RF is a non-surgical skin treatment that helps restore collagen within the skin. It effectively treats critical skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, large pores, acne scars, stretch marks, dull-looking skin, and large clogged pores, especially face skin that starts looking much younger and fresh after the treatment.

The Procedure For Microneedle with RF Treatment in Denver, CO

Microneedle with RF is a simple treatment. Its procedure involves using microneedles that are penetrated through the skin to provide a radiofrequency pulse to the skin.

The primary aim of this entire procedure is to stimulate elastin and collagen production to make the skin firmer and healthy-looking.

The procedure is a simple one and doesn't require any heavy tools. The overall procedure takes around 30-45 minutes.

Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight, and other pollution factors, at least two weeks after treatment.

The radiofrequency waves heat the dermis of your skin with a gentle blow, which ultimately generates collagen growth within your skin and improves skin tightening.

Reasons To Undergo Microneedle with RF Treatment in Aurora, CO

Microneedle with RF has the ability to treat much more skin problems than the earlier micro needling method. This new advanced method targets skin's deeper layers without damaging the top layers of the skin. Unlike common heat-based treatments, this treatment is safe for patients with darker skin tones because heat is not directly applied to the skin's surface. Instead, the insulated needles project heat at only the deeper dermis.

Another best reason you should consider micro needling treatment is that the device used in the treatment is customizable, wherein the puncture depth and the intensity of radio frequency are easily adjustable according to different patients.

Advantages Of Microneedle with RF Treatment in Denver, CO

  • Microneedle with RF increases collagen within the skin
  • Microneedle with RF reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Microneedle with RF improves skin tone and skin texture
  • Microneedle with RF reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and stretch marks
  • Microneedle with RF rejuvenates younger-looking skin and tightens the skin
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