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The VI Derm® Skincare Line is designed to enhance and extend the results
of your VI Peel® or to simply optimize your overall daily skin health.

1. VI Derm® Cleanser-
The VI Derm® Cleanser is an aloe vera gel cleanser
that will gently cleanse skin and remove residue
from makeup without stripping the skin of its natural

2. VI Derm® SPF 50+ Sunscreen
The VI Derm® SPF 50+ Sunscreen protects against
both UVA and UVB rays. The light, aloe vera based
formula is an oil free, hypo-allergenic formulation
that leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and

3. VI Derm® Advanced Firming Moisturizer/Lotion
An essential anti-aging daily moisturizer that lifts and
tightens skin with a revolutionary blend of clinically
proven peptides, antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid
to combat signs of aging including fine lines and

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