Amazing Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

What are some amazing benefits of laser hair removal?

Just as the name suggests, Laser Hair Removal is a process that uses laser light pulses to abolish hair follicle. Before becoming authoritatively available during the mid-1990s, the procedure was performed and experimented upon for almost about 20 years. And, in the current time, this procedure is extensively practiced not just in clinics but in homes as well, thanks to the advanced technology products designed for self-treatment.

While using this technique, the foremost intention is to select photothermolysis (SPTL), a kind of specific and matching light wavelength and duration of the pulse. It is done to acquire optimum effect on a particular tissue, without affecting the tissues surrounding the area. The primary aim of this methodology is to eradicate hair follicle, which is responsible for the hair growth.

Despite its wide practices and extensive use, there are still a majority of people who are totally unaware of its significant benefits. If you are also from the same lot, here are some amazing benefits of laser hair removal that may provide you the right push to make the correct decision.

Amazing benefits of the Laser Hair Removal

Time efficient method

In the hustle and bustle of life, when people are always short of time, laser hair removal technology promises time-efficiency without any problems. Since it is a quick method of removing hair, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the clinic. Every laser pulse takes the maximum of 1/4th of a second and treats the surrounding hair at almost the same time. With this procedure, the size of approximately a quarter can be treated within a second. The areas that are small in size, such as upper lips, can be treated in just a minute. And, the larger areas, like the back of legs, can take up to 60 minutes.

Predictable Output

Another amazing benefit of this laser technology is the predictable output. While the other hair removal methods may not provide you anticipated results, with laser technique, you can be sure of smoother and hair-free body. Although it is a bit impractical to expect accurate results after one or two sessions, a majority of people can still figure out what they are going to get after the completion of this treatment. Therefore, for most of the people, it is always 100% amazing result.

Get the whole body treated

Unlike other methods of hair removal, this technological one does not pose any significant problems. Therefore, it becomes way easier to use this methodology on different body parts. This laser hair removal technique can be used anywhere to remove unwanted hair from the body. There are machines that are meant to cover larger parts of the body that facilitate faster hair growth. So, right from the stomach to legs, face, bikini line, underarms, and arms this therapy can be used everywhere. Another reason for it being used everywhere is because it is painless and non-invasive.

Effective results with the sound safety

Undoubtedly, laser hair removal is one of the most efficient techniques to get rid of unwanted hair from any part of your body. In contrast to other methods, the laser precision and the energy targeting the hair follicle involved in this method make it even more effective. Moreover, since this technology has undergone several tests and experiments before officially becoming good enough to you; therefore, you can be sure of the fact that the technology involved in this method is completely safe.

Unlike waxing or shaving, this technology does not leave any blisters, cuts, or marks on the skin. Since it does not involve plucking or pulling away from the hair; hence, it does not even leave any side-effects on the skin. So, the only thing that you can be sure of is the eradication of the hair growth.

Save time & money

Moving further, time and money are two most important things that people strive to save, especially women. Be it shopping or something else, they are always on the mission of saving money. So, why not during the hair removal procedure? When talking about other things, like waxing and shaving, these procedures can be quite a money as well as time-consuming.

However, as far as this laser technology is concerned, once the permanent reduction has is done, it takes even less time to shave arms, legs, underarms, or some other parts. Over the time, some people even experience permanent hair removal; therefore, there would not be any need of investing money on getting hair removed afterward. It is kind of a one-time investment that gives amazing results.

Beneficial for your skin

This laser technique is widely-recognized for its accuracy. The chief reason behind it is that lasers coming out of the machine only target pigmented areas of the skin, like hair follicles. That’s why the surrounded skin remains safe and the treatment affects only the hair follicles. Generally, hair growth happens in triple phases, such as catagen, telogen, and anagen. At the time of the first stage of anagen, the hair growth is quite active; hence, the target of the laser beam is generally the follicle. The energy coming out of the laser is converted into heat, which is then concentrated on the hair follicle so as to prevent it from growing.

Since this treatment has been around for more than 20 years now, the technology has got FDA approval as well. After the entire procedure, it promises long and stable reduction of hair. However, you would have to undergo 4 to 6 consecutive sessions to get the proper result. Although most of the people have reported reappear of hair after the treatment, but, the hair is usually light in color and finer in size.

Another amazing benefit of this therapy is that it does not leave any stubble or stray hair behind. Unlike other methods, this one provides smooth, soft, silky, and supple skin. While shaving and waxing may cause ingrown hair, irritation or itching, there is no such case with the laser technology. And then, the skin type also does not cause any barrier as the laser treatment can work wonders on different types of skin.

No Painful Side Effects

When it comes to showing off the skin in summers, the most dreadful task that seems is getting hair removed. Talking about waxing, just the idea of pulling out hair sends jitters down the spine. Not just that, but waxing can be extra painful and can even cause irritation, burns, and rashes on the skin. So, instead of waxing, people prefer shaving. However, even with shaving, there can be nicks and cuts on the skin. And, likewise, every other method has its own sets of disadvantages that leave a negative impact on the skin.

But, as far as laser technology is concerned, it boats about its painless and non-invasive tendencies. Neither you would have to shout your lungs out nor would have to experience irritating things after the session.

How to maximize the benefits from your laser hair removal treatment?

Get ready for the treatment

Generally speaking, laser hair removal is such a treatment that targets and breaks down the melanin – a pigment that provides color to the hair – in a hair follicle. This may cause hair to fall out. Therefore, this process works for dark and coarse hair in the best possible way. And, it may not be very or completely effective for taking out blond, red, white, or grey hair.

So, before you step into the clinic to undergo this treatment for the first time, there are some tips that you must keep in mind, such as:

  • This laser hair removal may not work effectively for those dealing with polycystic ovaries disease or some other problems of hormones. So, it is recommended to consult a doctor before beginning the procedure.
  • If you are under medications, it is suggested to consult the technician before starting the treatment as it can leave bad burns on your skin.
  • Once started the procedure, it would be necessary to avoid tanning beds and sun until the procedure is not over.
  • If you have tanned skin, avoid taking the treatment as it can leave blisters and burns.
  • During the procedure, you must not wax, pluck, bleach or pull out hairs from the roots. Avoid electrolysis treatment as much as you can.
  • To manage the growth of hair, use depilatories or shave hair from above the skin before starting the treatment.
  • While you may want to be relaxed about the treatment, caffeine can make you more tense and agitated. So, avoid it as much as you can.
  • Before starting the treatment, wash your skin gently with a cleanser. Remove all of the dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. Avoid putting moisturizer before the treatment.

What to Expect After the treatment?

Most of the times, while people perceive that they possess all the knowledge about the treatment, they generally don’t know what you do or anticipate once all the sessions are over. So, here are few things that you should keep in mind after the treatment:

  • You must avoid the sun for at least six weeks after the procedure. Just after the treatment, your skin will be extra sensitive; thus, exposing to the sun can complicate the procedure.
  • A few days after the treatment, the targeted hair will make their way out of the follicle. It may appear like they are growing again. However, after ten to fourteen days, they will reach the stage of shedding and will fall out. During this time, you can simply remove them with a washcloth.
  • You must keep in mind that the hair should fall out on their own. So, you must not tweeze, pluck, or wax that area.
  • If you want, you can shave after the treatment, but avoid anything that would cause the hair to pull out.


After assessing everything aforementioned, one thing is quite clear, and that is hair removal technique with laser comes with an abundance of benefits. Not just it helps you to get rid of undergoing painful hair removal procedures, but it also provides you a flawless and smooth skin. Be it summers or a party, with this procedure done once, you can be ever-ready to flaunt your supple skin. On the top of that, it even saves you a lot of time and money that you would have otherwise spent on waxing, plucking, threading, shaving, or buying other products to get rid of hair. So, all in all, these are the benefits that you can get from this laser technique. Make your choice now.

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